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We sat down with Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois to talk about How to Train Your Dragon. Chris and Dean have long been a creative team; their brief history includes writing together on Mulan, writing/directing Lilo and Stitch, and writing/directing How to Train Your Dragon.

The two were gracious enough to spend time speaking with us about creative decision making and articulate their thought processes while making a film. It was very inspirational to hear such talented people discuss how they bring their visions to life. We talked with them about story structure, design, cinematography, character animation, directing, and much, much more.  A lot of very talented people came together to create the film, and these wonderful directors are never shy about handing out credit! Among many others, they discussed the amazing contributions of Simon Otto (Head of Character Animation) and the famed cinematographer, Roger Deakins. You can find a larger crew list here to search for any other names they bring up.