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Game results

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We have a winner!!!

Teresa Nord was the fastest person to get every single question correct.  (answers on the previous post)

We actually ended up with three of the six people getting 5/5 correct.  That’s amazing!  John Paul Rhinemiller also had 5/5 and submitted only two minutes behind Teresa, and Alexiss Memmott was less than 20 minutes behind John.

Art of How to Train Your Dragon

Teresa will receive the autographed Art of How to Train Your Dragon book.
John will receive the How to Train Your Dragon DVD.
Alexiss will receive a How to Train Your Dragon poster.

And since we don’t want any of these super knowledgeable triviriduzzle game players to go home empty handed, we were able to get two more posters for Bo Stock and Charles/Carolee Eubanks.

Current autographs on the Art of How to Train Your Dragon book (everyone without a description is an animator):
Chris Sanders  (writer/director)
Dean DeBlois  (writer/director)
Simon Otto (Head of Character Animation)
Kristoff Serrand (Anim. Supervisor – Snotlout)
Gabe Hordos (Anim. Supervisor – Toothless)
Shaggy Horby (Anim Supervisor – Astrid)
James Baxter
Fredrik Nilsson
Olivier Ostaphylas
Steven Meyers
Leif Jeffers
Mike Stern
Bill Diaz
Alexis Wanneroy
Adam Dotson
Tyler Phillips
George Schermer
Adam Strick
Michael K
David Stodolny
Rebecca Perez
(and we’re working on getting more in the next few days)

Thank you to EVERYONE who played. It was a lot of fun.



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Here are the clues we sent to the six remaining finalists in the Dragon Give-Away Game.  We assumed everyone else would want to play along, too.  The first of the six to email us the most correct answers will be declared the victor.  We will let you know when we have our winners!
(why do we need a tie breaker? click here)

Which animated films do these groups of clues describe?  Last minute trick – FIVE QUESTIONS!!!

Tie Breakers!
(none of these films were used in the original game)

Primary granter
Heated release
Why the long face?

He got his chance to shine
He used to be in charge
He finally got a chance to play

Unfinished book
Kiss by the water
Half the end is missing

A bachelor in need of motivation
Mirrored personalities
Televised hero

Going down to their level
Circle of life
Thumper restrained

(highlight below to view)
#1 Pinocchio
#2 The Princess and the Frog
#3 How to Train Your Dragon
#4 101 Dalmatians
#5 A Bug’s Life

Best of luck to the contestants!

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Dragon tie-breaker tomorrow at noon

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We’ve determined how to narrow down our winners out of the six first-place ties for our Dragon’s Book Give-Away Game.

There will be a showdown tomorrow at high noon! (Thursday, Oct 28th)

The Dragon Tie-Breaker will be the same format as the original game with one little twist.  Speed.

We have not been able to stump any of them yet, so chances are pretty good that all six of them will get every single answer correct… again.  So this time, they will have to be smart AND quick on the draw.  The FIRST person out of the six to email us with the most correct answers wins!  The second person to do so is second place, etc.

Tomorrow at noon we will email the questions to the contestants, and also post them on SOA so everyone can play along at home.   We will let you know when we have a winner.

Let’s remind you what they are playing for:
First Place:  Autographed Art of How to Train Your Dragon book
Second PlaceHow to Train Your Dragon DVD
Third PlaceHow to Train Your Dragon poster.

Good luck to everyone!

The Game is Over! … kinda

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Congratulations to everyone!  The initial phase of the game is over.
This has been a great week, and we hope you guys had as much fun as we did.  It was a real challenge trying to stump you (and google).   And yes, we saw you guys searching the clues in google.  Cheaters.  😛

And even though in the later days we were able to come up with clues that were un-google-able, it was no use.  You are just too smart, because we ended up with a tie.  We were very impressed to see how many people barely missed any questions all week!


Six people answered every single question correctly, and we have a super-tie for first place (15/15)

Charles Eubanks
Bo Stock
Alexiss Memmott
John Paul Rhinemiller
Carolee Eubanks
Teresa Nord

And special recognition to those who only missed ONE question(14/15):

Bobby Pontillas
Michael Richard
Jared Garcia

And for EVERYONE else, whether you emailed us your answers or played along at home in your head, we want to give you a huge pat on the back.  We would have loved to personally reply to everyone that submitted answers, but we had a much larger turnout than expected and responding to everyone wasn’t practical.  So let’s do a huge public ‘Thank you’  Thanks for making this week so fun!

By the way, if your all-time-favorite movie never made it into the contest, don’t hold it against us.  There were plenty of films we wanted to include but never found a place for.

So… what happens now?  Tie-Breaker!

We will be figuring out our tie-breaker options over the weekend and will announce the details in the coming week.  The next level of the game will only be between people with 15/15, but you will be more than welcome to play along at home.

Once again, congrats to all of you!  And thank you to everyone who sent us positive feedback about the game.  We are thrilled to know so many people were really having fun with this.

If you missed any part of the challenge you can check out all of it here:
| Announcement and Rules | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 |

Best of luck to the lucky 6 in the upcoming tie-breaker round!

|the SOA team

Game day 5

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Yesterday seemed to be a lot easier for everyone than the day before.  It’s awesome that you guys are doing this so well!
But, it’s not helping us narrow down a clear winner.  Therefore, today will be the hardest day of them all…  mwuhahahah.
Yesterday’s answers have been posted in the game day 4 post, comments have been enabled, and the leader board posted.

It is now the FINAL day of our give-away game for the autographed Art of How to Train Your Dragon book!
Click here to read what this whole thing is all about (and what a triviriduzzle is).

Check out the groups of clues below.  Which three animated films do they describe?

Email your answers to with the subject line “game day 5.”

soccerball. skateboard. jacks.
23-19 in 193
Joke of the Day on the screen

Mom gave him his coat
Chicken suit
She looks better with glasses

Ready for grandchildren
Tricking the devil for breakfast
Squashed voyage

(highlight below to view)
#13 Monsters Inc.
#14 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
#15 Cinderella

We will stop accepting answers on Saturday at noon (PST), at which point the answers will be posted with a leader board to follow.
If there is still a tie we will consider tie-breaker options over the weekend.


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