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Making a sequel isn’t easy, especially when you are tasked to end a very popular and beloved franchise.   That was exactly the challenge Director Mike Mitchell and Head of Story, Walt Dohrn had to face with Shrek Forever After.  You will also recognize Walt as the voice of the villain in the film, Rumpelstiltskin.  We recorded this interview right before the movie premiered, just as Mike and Walt were going all over the world to help promote the film.   We were very fortunate that they found some time in their busy schedule to sit down and talk to us.

Besides being incredibly smart and talented, Mike and Walt are extremely funny guys.  This interview was way too much fun and you will see that it was hard to go five minutes without busting up laughing.  Ben, Jacob, and Stephen all worked on the film and are very proud of it.  We all agree it was one of the funnest productions we’ve ever worked on.  We also agree that this interview very accurately portrays what it felt like to work on the film.  Lots of really great creative discussion mixed with lots and lots of laughs.   So sit back and enjoy this very fun interview with Director Mike Mitchell and Head of Story, Walt Dohrn!!

We should mention that Mike brings up something called “RLO”  that we never explain in the interview.  RLO stands for Rough Layout, and it is the process we use before animation to previs the action and camera.  Also when Mike uses terms like “Yong Dukery”  he is referring to the beautiful camera work of our Head of Layout, Yong Duk Jhun.