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You’re getting double portions in this meaty podcast, that’s right, we’re talking BOTH Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films!!  Stephen, and some of the Cloudy 2 animation team, sat down with Animation Leads Alan Hawkins and Joshua Beveridge, and Senior Supervising Animator Pete Nash to get all the juicy tidbits on what went into the making of these two films.  This interview is packed full of great insight, like how the films animation style was developed and getting the best out of every shot.  Just in case you are hungry for more, this interview is loaded with Easter eggs!  So go see the film, listen to the podcast, then go back to find all the fun hidden characters throughout Cloudy 2.  Speaking of Animation was short staffed on this interview so we want to give a very special thank you to animators Kevin Jackson, Shaofu Zhang, Claudio De Oliveira, and David Lisbe for stepping in as interviewers and turning the second half of this interview into a really fun round table.  Bon Appetit!!