Podcast: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Double Feature

You're getting double portions in this meaty podcast, that's right, we're talking BOTH Cloudy with a… [more]

Podcast:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Double Feature Podcast:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Double Feature

Podcast: Rise of the Guardians

Legends unite when we sat down with Peter Ramsey to talk about his first feature film Rise of the Guardians!… [more]

Podcast:  Rise of the Guardians Podcast:  Rise of the Guardians

Podcast: ParaNorman

Happy Halloween! Wow, do we have a treat for you.  Jacob and Stephen were invited to a press junket… [more]

Podcast: ParaNorman Podcast: ParaNorman

Podcast: Rhythm & Hues

We're back! Last year we teased with a photo taken of the front door of R&H.  We are incredibly… [more]

Podcast:  Rhythm & Hues Podcast:  Rhythm & Hues

Podcast: Shrek Forever After

Making a sequel isn't easy, especially when you are tasked to end a very popular and beloved franchise.… [more]

Podcast: Shrek Forever After Podcast: Shrek Forever After

Podcast: Jason Schleifer

I hope you're excited, because we are super excited to bring you our Jason Schleifer interview!!  Jason… [more]

Podcast: Jason Schleifer Podcast: Jason Schleifer

Podcast: John Hill

In this interview we sat down with an amazing animator and supervisor, John Hill.    John was really… [more]

Podcast: John Hill Podcast: John Hill

Podcast: Jason Ryan

We are excited to bring you our podcast with Jason Ryan! Jason has become a well-known animation supervisor… [more]

Podcast: Jason Ryan Podcast: Jason Ryan

Adam and Dog – Short Film

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Check out this wonderful short that is nominated for an Oscar this year. Plus it’s always good to see more Baxter animation.


Our own Jacob and Ben Interviewed about Guardians

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Two of our SOA members – Jacob and Ben – were interviewed on the iAnimate.net podcast!

Have a listen here.

In this first podcast for 2013 we get to talk with, not one, but two character animators from DreamWorks; Ben Willis and Jacob Gardner. These guys share their growing pains of animation, their work on the Jack team for Rise of the Guardians, how they seek to grow as artist, and a lot more.



The Making of HTTYD – a documentary

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Make sure to watch this soon, who knows how long it will stay up on youtube.


Guardians give-away from tumblr fans!

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If you’re feeling bummed you missed out on our Guardians giveaway game, there’s even more awesome guardians stuff to be won! Not from us, though, from the amazing tumblr fans!!!

click here to go to the tumblr giveaway site

In support of the film, tumblr fans have created their own worldwide giveaway!

William Joyce is even contributing prizes, offering copies of his character books and a signed sketch by the man himself.

It’s really awesome to see this kind of enthusiasm from fans. I’ve never worked on any other project that had such devoted fans wanting to help boost the box-office. Not to mention so devoted that they just can’t seem to stop producing their own fan art of our characters! How awesome!!!!

Guardians Give-Away Winner!

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A huge congratulations to our contest winner,

Elaine Pascua

Elaine will receive an autographed copy of The Art of Rise of the Guardians, a Rise of the Guardians Poster, a Rise of the Guardians 14 month calendar, and Rise of the Guardians temporary tattoos for their unbelievable animated-holiday-things knowledge.

And we of course want to mention our second place winner:

Zach Bova

Even though Zach is a runner up, he will not go home empty handed. We will be sure to get him a poster for his excellent work. He only missed by ONE POINT!

-One person animated on Ice Age 3, Rio, and Tangled.
Henry G. Sanchez

-One person animated on Charlotte’s Web, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, and Avatar.
Jalil Sadool

-One person animated on Lion King, Mulan, John Henry, and Lilo and Stitch.
Ted Ty

-One person animated on Battlefield 2, Megamind, Puss in Boots. And shares his first name with a popular 1920′s gangster machine gun.
Tommie Löfqvist

-One person animated on Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, Tangled, and Puss in Boots.
Joe Sandstrom (Both contestants missed this one – Joe Bowers was a modeler on Meet the Robinsons, not an animator.  We are tricky)

-One person animated on Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda 2, and the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special. And runs this website.
Ben Willis

-One person animated on Monsters Vs. Aliens, Megamind, and Puss in Boots. And runs this website.
Jacob Gardner

-One person animated on Corpse Bride, Tale of Despereaux, and Arthur Christmas. And was a character designer on Space Jam.
Tim Watts

Bonus questions:

-All of these people worked on the same character team, lead by whom?
(clue: He animated on The Wild and The Very First Noel)
David Pate

-Which character did all of these people work on?
Jack Frost


We had a lot of fun attempting to stump you guys, and were always impressed with how well everyone did.  Thank you so much to everyone who played!  and to everyone who sent us little comments along with your answers.  It’s great to hear you guys are having fun and appreciating the hoops we make you jump through to find the answers.
You guys are clearly masters of trivia.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!

|SOA crew

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