In this Cloudy Double feature we talk with Alan Hawkins, Joshua Beveridge and Pete Nash about BOTH Cloudy films! This one is packed full of insight and Easter eggs.

Legends unite when we sat down with Peter Ramsey to talk about his first feature film Rise of the Guardians!

Jacob and Stephen were invited to a press junket for ParaNorman were they were able to grab two fifteen minute interviews with ParaNorman co-directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell, and Lead Animator/Producer Travis Knight.

We sat down with a group of R&H's super talented animation leadership to talk about their craft. We learn about the struggles and rewards of working in the realm of Visual Effects, and how it compares to working on Feature animated films.

Making a sequel isn't easy, especially when you are tasked to end a very popular and beloved franchise. That was exactly the challenge Director Mike Mitchell and Head of Story, Walt Dohrn had to face with Shrek Forever After.

We are super excited to bring you our Jason Schleifer interview!! Jason was so very kind to sit down with us and talk about his amazing, and sometimes unbelievable, journey into animation.

In this interview we sit down with an amazing animator and supervisor, John Hill. He shares his experiences as an animation supervisor and his process as an animator. This interview is packed full of great advice.

Jason has become a well-known animation supervisor and teacher. We talked about how he learned animation, his transition from 2D to 3D, and his philosophies on animation education.

We talked with Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, two insanely talented writers/directors, about their film How to Train Your Dragon. We discuss story structure, character design, animation, cinematography, and much, much more!

After a long delay, we are very proud to bring you the Ted Ty Talk Back! Ted sat down with us to answer YOUR questions about animation.

We talk about the Disney Renaissance with the people who lived it, and about their documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty.

We are excited to bring you our "Avatar" podcast with Richard Baneham! Richard sat down with us to discuss his role as Animation Director on the film and to answer all of our questions about the animation process on "Avatar."

Ken Fountain, Ben Rush, David Weatherly, and Steven P Gordon give their insight on what it's like to animate comedic shots and why something might be funny.

We are very excited to bring you our very first Podcast with Ted Ty! Ted sat down with us to talk about how he got started, making the transition from 2d to 3d, and gave us some great advice on animation.

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