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‘Everything Will Be OK’ full film now online

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In my previous post I talked about Don Hertzfeldt’s film Everything Will Be OK and shared a short clip. Well in honor of its 5 year anniversary the ENTIRE film is now online for free! And if you read the video’s description on youtube it goes on to say that you can get the DVD for free with the purchase of anything from his online store.

Everything Will Be Ok

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I remember seeing Don Hertzfeldt’s Everything Will Be Ok in a film festival several years ago and from what I remember, I liked it. One part in particular made me laugh quite a bit, and I just happened to stumble upon that very clip so I thought I’d share it. This film, in comparison to most of his works, is a bit tame.
In this clip especially, the film latches on to mundane everyday things that almost anyone can relate with. It’s a strange concoction that makes you laugh and then immediately feel embarrassed, knowing your own idiosyncrasies would seem just as laughable to others.

This is just a short clip from the film. The whole thing is available for purchase on DVD from his website,

Don Hertzfeldt’s new short

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We have very few words to say about Don Hertzfeldt’s new short Wisdom Teeth. In any case, it certainly deserves six quick minutes of your time! So just watch it.

His simple technique, fun animation, and eccentric sense of humor make for quite a signature style. Some have tried to replicate him, but there is only one Don Hertzfeld. If you are unfamiliar with other works of his, just watch his short REJECTED and you should be caught up enough

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