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Another online animation training program now accepting applications can be found at

One of the paths of their curriculum allows you to focus on modeling and rigging if that’s more your style.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Between all of the online schools, professional and student blogs, and various websites there’s a ton of animation/visual effects content and knowledge being shared online these days.  People hear about a technique or start to study an art form they are new to and are happy to share what they’re learning due to the excitement of their newly learned concept.  This shared wisdom really allows students and those art forms to progress at a relatively fast rate.  I just heard about this new school being setup by the guys over at Stan Winston Studios on the Animation Mentor forums.  It’s exciting to see what they’re going to be teaching after viewing some of  the video clips on the school’s home page, especially since it’s coming from a group of people at a studio with a long and significant history.

Check it out here:

Podcast: Jason Ryan

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We are excited to bring you our podcast with Jason Ryan!

Jason has become a well-known animation supervisor and teacher.  In the past few years he has made a name for himself in animation education with his Jason Ryan Animation tutorials and Webinars, and is in the midst of starting his next educational project –
He sat down with us to speak about finding his path into the animation industry and the events that led him to his career at Disney and subsequently DreamWorks.  We talked about how he learned animation, his transition from 2D to 3D, and his philosophies on animation education.

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