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How to Train Your Dragon Podcast Promo

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The promo video for our new podcast is up! We interviewed Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois about their latest film, How to Train Your Dragon. This is a really great interview, and we hope you guys get excited for it!

UPDATE: The podcast is now available and can be found here.

How to Train Your Dragon Podcast Promo from Speaking of Animation on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and we started a vimeo channel.
We will still be uploading videos to youtube (like the above promo), but having both channels keeps our options open.  Plus, we like the embedded vimeo player better than youtube’s.

So check out the promo and then come back on Monday to hear the whole podcast! 🙂 Oh, and feel free to repost the promo and help us spread the word!!!

Stay Connected

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Hey Everyone!  We’ve been working hard to make the site as accessible as possible.  You may have noticed we just added some new links at the very top of the sidebar just under the search.  SOA is now on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.  We’ve also added a simple button for you to quickly add us to your Google Reader or Google Homepage.  We’ll be updating all these sources when a new Podcast is released!  We also plan on bringing you more news and even more original content! Thank you so much for supporting us and for all the great comments!

The SOA Team

-Stephen, Ben, Jacob, and Adam

Waking Sleeping Beauty Podcast Promo Video

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Here is the promo video for our upcoming podcast with Don Hahn and Peter Schneider about the Disney Renaissance and their documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty.  Have a look:

Comedy in Animation Promo Video!

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Our next podcast is a round-table discussion on Comedy in Animation.  It will be posted soon. Very soon.  Like, Monday soon.  Feel free to help spread the word and repost the promo!  Thanks, everyone 😀

Ted Ty Promo Video!

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Hey everyone, this is our new promotional video for our very first podcast with Ted Ty.

OOPS:  I regret to inform you that somehow I forgot to include “Kung Fu Panda” in Ted’s scrolling credits in the beginning of the video.  My fault.  Ted did some amazing work on that film and he deserves recognition for it.  Sorry Ted!  -Jacob

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