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Rise of the Guardians Reel – Jacob Gardner

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Character Animation Reel – Rise of the Guardians from Jacob Gardner on Vimeo.

With the release of Rise of the Guardians on DVD/Blu-Ray, we wanted to share some of the work of our fellow SoA-er Jacob Gardner. He recently cut together a reel of his favorite work from the film for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Note: Jacob cut it together in 720p so watch it in HD for the full experience. 🙂

Guardians give-away from tumblr fans!

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If you’re feeling bummed you missed out on our Guardians giveaway game, there’s even more awesome guardians stuff to be won! Not from us, though, from the amazing tumblr fans!!!

click here to go to the tumblr giveaway site

In support of the film, tumblr fans have created their own worldwide giveaway!

William Joyce is even contributing prizes, offering copies of his character books and a signed sketch by the man himself.

It’s really awesome to see this kind of enthusiasm from fans. I’ve never worked on any other project that had such devoted fans wanting to help boost the box-office. Not to mention so devoted that they just can’t seem to stop producing their own fan art of our characters! How awesome!!!!

DreamWorks Filmmaker Panel Comic-Con 2012

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Here is a great panel that just happened at Comic-Con about filmmaking at DreamWorks Animation; featuring a group of very important and very talented people:

Bill Damaschke – Chief Creative Officer at DreamWorks Animation
James Baxter
 – Head of Character Animation on Croods… (but he’s kind of a big deal)
Tom McGrath – Director of Megamind and the Madagascar films
Patrick Hanenberger – Production Designer for Rise of the Guardians

(unfortunately it’s a bit hard to hear though)

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