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Another online animation training program now accepting applications can be found at

One of the paths of their curriculum allows you to focus on modeling and rigging if that’s more your style.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Between all of the online schools, professional and student blogs, and various websites there’s a ton of animation/visual effects content and knowledge being shared online these days.  People hear about a technique or start to study an art form they are new to and are happy to share what they’re learning due to the excitement of their newly learned concept.  This shared wisdom really allows students and those art forms to progress at a relatively fast rate.  I just heard about this new school being setup by the guys over at Stan Winston Studios on the Animation Mentor forums.  It’s exciting to see what they’re going to be teaching after viewing some of  the video clips on the school’s home page, especially since it’s coming from a group of people at a studio with a long and significant history.

Check it out here: :: The Character Animation School

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There’s a new animation school on the block! is a brand new online animation school designed for students at any level of experience and ability.  The school is founded by DigiCel – creators of the animation software Flipbook – and is lead by famed animator and teacher Jason Ryan. There are many animation schools both institutionally and online, but wants to bring something new to animation education.  There are great features that everyone involved is very excited about, including us at Speaking of Animation.  All four of us will be instructors at the school (some immediately and some later on).  And a few of our previous podcast guests will be teaching as well!

The Basics:

  • The full course load is six flexible 14-week semesters.
  • All classes are taught by professional animators currently working in feature animation.
  • Weekly live/recorded workflow lectures with Jason Ryan and other instructors.
  • Weekly live lectures/Q&A with instructors.
  • Weekly live critiques with instructors.
  • Community forums where students can post work for peer/instructor feedback and discussion.
  • Free and exclusive rigged characters
  • Free Jason Ryan Animation Webinars and Turorials
  • Free Digicel Flipbook software
  • Student Discount price for Autodesk Maya

How is unique:

  • Small class sizes.
    The more one-on-one time you can spend with the instructor the better.  That’s why class sizes will be restricted to 10-12 students.  This also means enrollment will be capped when it reaches capacity.
  • LIVE instructor critiques by professional feature animators.
    Where some schools provide prerecorded feedback from the instructor, all assignment critiques will be LIVE sessions. Students will interact with the instructor and ask questions, clarify notes, and discuss options, thus creating an environment similar to ‘dailies.’  These live sessions are also recorded.
  • Opt out of beginning semesters.
    Jason Ryan personally reviews the demo reel of any applicant that wishes to skip ahead.  He provides a realistic and honest assessment of the student’s ability and places them accordingly.
  • Less expensive. wants students to be able to afford to learn animation.  Check out their site for tuition information and multiple payment options.
  • Course structure designed by Jason Ryan.
    Jason has been teaching animation for over 17 years and knows how to create assignments that are both educational and challenging for students while pushing them to deliver their best work.
  • No Grades.
    Many students focus too much on getting a particular grade rather than on improving their skills, and at iAnimate that distraction has been removed.  This also makes it more like working in a studio since you get feedback on improving rather than a letter grade.
  • No minimum age requirement.
    If you want to learn animation, you want to learn animation. You don’t need to reach a certain age to start improving your animation eye.
  • Group work.
    The final semester is designed to simulate working in a production environment on a team of animators.   With the guidance of the instructor, students will work together to create an animated short.

We are very excited to be a part of this new school and look forward to seeing it grow.  Jason is incredibly passionate about teaching animation, so it is really wonderful to see this school come to life.  We are honored Jason asked us to be involved and can’t wait for first semester to start!  It’s going to be a blast and we know students are going to produce some really inspiring work.  It will be an amazing experience for instructors and students alike, so we hope to see you there!

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