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Musical Shorts

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Recently I was talking to my class about how closely related music and animation are.  Both art forms are used to tell stories, convey emotion, and entertain.  We even use musical terms like timing, rhythm, phrasing, and beats to describe our motion.  Often times I find that the only way to describe some movements in my shots is through sounds.  This is something that I’ve always loved about animation.

I’ve also found it very common for animators to be musicians as well.  Adam, Jacob, and I have all been very involved in music.  Did you know that Adam composed and performs our intro music.

So, with all of this in mind, I asked my student to explore the interwebs and see what kinds of musically driven animated shorts were out there.  I propose to throw this same challenge to you our listeners.  Go out and find some really inspiring “musical shorts” and post them here in our comments section.  We will be posting our favorites as well.  They don’t have to be abstract, just drivin by a strong musical foundation.  To start things off, here are three of my favorites:

Runaway by Cordell Barker  Music by Ben Charest

Sensology by Michel Gagne Music by Paul Plimley and Barry Guy

Thought of You by Ryan Woodward Music by The Weepies

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Those were great right!?  Now post your favorites in the comments section and lets see how much music we can bring to this animation site!!

Don Hertzfeldt’s new short

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We have very few words to say about Don Hertzfeldt’s new short Wisdom Teeth. In any case, it certainly deserves six quick minutes of your time! So just watch it.

His simple technique, fun animation, and eccentric sense of humor make for quite a signature style. Some have tried to replicate him, but there is only one Don Hertzfeld. If you are unfamiliar with other works of his, just watch his short REJECTED and you should be caught up enough

Something Left, Something Taken: The Workflow

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Just realized the title to this post sounds like a movie sequel. I guess this is a sequel of sorts. In this sequel to Jacob’s post, we will see how Something Left, Something Taken was made. Red Giant TV put together this behind-the-scenes look at the short film created by Tiny Inventions. The amount of work and creativity that went into the short is astounding. It’s a must see for anyone wanting to make their own short film!

Click here to check it out!


Something Left, Something Taken

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I really enjoyed this short and wanted to pass it along.  The style is incredibly fun, and there’s even a behind the scenes blog!  It’s really cool to see how they actually made this.

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

CalArts Student Films 2010

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You may have seen some student films from CalArts popping up here or there, but now you can find them all in one place!

A Vimeo channel has been created to display all the student’s hard work from the last year:
CalArts Student Films 2010 Vimeo Channel

Congrats to all the students for their hard work!

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