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Podcast: Ted Ty Talk Back

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Ted Ty

After a long delay, we are very proud to bring you the Ted Ty Talk Back!  Ted sat down with us to answer YOUR questions about animation and follow-ups to his first podcast.  Thanks again Ted for being so generous with your time, and Thank you to all the listeners who sent in questions.  We only had a short time with Ted so we picked our favorite out of the bunch.  For those who didn’t get their questions answered by Ted we will  be answering your questions in another post.  So sit back and enjoy the Ted Ty Talk Back!


Ted Ty Talk Back!

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Dear Listener,

Due to the great responses to our first podcast, Ted Ty has graciously agreed to answer any questions you might have regarding what he discussed during the podcast. Our plan is to gather up any and all questions that you might have and ask them to Ted in a follow-up podcast. That’s right. YOU get the chance to dictate the questions we ask Ted Ty.

Here’s how it’ll go:

– Post your questions in the Comments section of this post OR send us an e-mail via the CONTACT page.

– At the end of the year we will gather them up and put them together into a Q&A podcast with Ted Ty.

It’s THAT easy! So get those questions into us soon!  Let’s make this a fun, interactive podcast. We are, after-all, a community of artists and what good would this site be if we we came up with all of the content on our own and never asked what’s most on your mind about animation?

Let’s do this.


Podcast: Ted Ty

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Ted Ty

Ted Ty

We are very excited to bring you our first Podcast with Ted Ty! Ted has a great amount of experience animating in both 2d and 3d. He’s worked on films such as Pocahontas, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and is currently working on Shrek Forever After.  Ted is also the Year Four Traditional Animation Instructor at Cal Arts.  Ted sat down with us to talk about how he got started, making the transition from 2d to 3d, and gave us some great advice on animation.

Click here to see a complete list of Ted’s credits

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