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Stay Connected

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Hey Everyone!  We’ve been working hard to make the site as accessible as possible.  You may have noticed we just added some new links at the very top of the sidebar just under the search.  SOA is now on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.  We’ve also added a simple button for you to quickly add us to your Google Reader or Google Homepage.  We’ll be updating all these sources when a new Podcast is released!  We also plan on bringing you more news and even more original content! Thank you so much for supporting us and for all the great comments!

The SOA Team

-Stephen, Ben, Jacob, and Adam

Fumiko’s Confession

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I don’t know what they’re saying or what it’s about, but this short is a lot of fun. Reminds me of the Goblelin shorts, but anime style.

Thanks to Christian Reese for the heads up.

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